What is meant by the term Nap?

Wikipedia says - “Nap (derived from the card game Napoleon) indicates this is the tipster’s most confident selection of the day”

There are many UK national and local newspapers that have a tipster writing for them. In fact, there are currently 52 well known tipsters from all over the country. Each tipster will provide one nap a day. At napstats.co.uk we have collected all the naps from 1st Jan 2009 up to present time. We have cross referenced these naps on betfair's database where we can find out if the selection won and what odds the betfair tarting price was.

By adding a date filter we can see which tipsters are currently in form. By adding an odds range filter we can see which tipsters are suited to long odds and which to short odds. By adding a course filter we can have even more fun.

You can use the database for free. Even you do not follow a newspaper tipster you may find it interesting to look through some of the past results anyway. It would appear that some of the so called tipsters are not very good at their jobs!

If you do follow a newspaper tipster you may want to check out our sister site at www.thestakingmachine.com where you can research which staking plan is best suited to which tipster.

Remember you do not have to use betfair to place your bets. You can use any online bookmaker. It is generally accepted that betfair will give you 10% better odds than conventional bookmakers. This is especially prevalent if you back horses that are not favourites and have slightly longer odds.